The first address for exclusive finnish and siberian goshawks!
Breeding & Training.

Our Birds

We have been breeding the less common but more desirable goshawks for falconry, (Accipiter gentilis subspecies) for more than twenty years. Exclusively from northern Eurasian origins in weight and phenotype.
We are therefore the leading address in Europe.

Our breeding is based on two different Finnish lines which have their origin in Middle Finland (Accipiter gentilis gentilis) and North Finland (Accipiter gentilis buteoides), as well as two different lines which are corresponding to the phenotype of goshawks which have their origin Northeast of Siberia (Accipiter gentilis buteoides) and along the border to Kamtschatka (Accipiter gentilis albidus).

All breeding birds are descended from pure bloodlines and are only used for breeding after proving their hawking skills and ease of training, handlability, temperament and prowess in the hunting field. For further information please contact us.