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Breeding & Training.

Different ways of rearing

Rearing without any contact with man in non-stimulus environment (closed aviaries).
The bird will then become distant and often very timid. The training is very time consuming, difficult and requires a great deal of effort and should only be undertaken by experienced falconers.

“Social imprints”, rearing by hand.
Usually social imprints do not scream. If they do, mistakes may have happened during training (e.g.dropping the weight too early)! Imprint birds may be flown in the best physical condition combined with a very high weight. This is why they are generally regarded as the ideal hawks for all game which may be hawked/hunted by a goshawk.

“Social imprints”, rearing in close association with man.
The rearing will be performed in close contact with humans and their surroundings (house, backyard, garden and all the activities which take place around there). Birds will show all the characteristics of “Social Imprints” and they are already resistant to stress as they are used to their environment before training. The perfect bird for hawking!